LMF PROJECTS offers over 30 years’ experience and has been a privately-owned family business for over 20 years. We offer the full gauntlet of services required for the design and construction process in creating and delivering a cutting-edge quality upgrade and refurbishment of your existing hospitality and accommodation facility.

In short, market research is clear that, “people don’t want to stay anywhere less then they live in at home,” so for this reason alone, most people will simply search-on for a fresh and modern refurbished motel or hotel for their stay, overlooking any additional room rate cost as worthwhile for the refurbished room and facility experience.

Our renowned efficiency and quick site construction time is born from years of experience through countless projects completed and is unmatched in the industry where we offer total project and site supervision ensuring the very minimum time required on-site to complete our quality refurbishment works minimising disruption and maximising occupancy.



We specialise in offering “a one-stop shop” for the full design and construct refurbishment service in the regional and rural towns where the “Let LMF Projects Do It All for You” is music to their ears! Our market research along with projects completed, identify and demonstrate a frustration and inability for local hospitality and accommodation businesses and property owners to pull together the services and skills required to undertake and complete the design and construction requirements involved in an upgrade and refurbishment of an aged and existing building.  

LMF PROJECTS maintains our valued “on time on budget” ethos whilst working closely with the property management for the safety and comfort of house guests. Also included are room design layout plans, colour selection options, fixtures and fittings options, fixed price quotations, project management and full site supervision ensuring quality control and  trade and supplier conduct and efficiency.



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